11 Habits That Create Positive Relationships

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Here are the eleven habits for creating positive relationships:

1. Show respect.

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Unsplash / Tiago Felipe Ferreira
Unsplash / Tiago Felipe Ferreira

This one seems pretty basic, right? It’s easy for couples who have gotten comfortable with each other to talk down and belittle one another.

Remember who your partner is! They’re the number one person in your life. Show them respect and you’ll get it in return.

2. Respond.

Okay, you know what irritates me endlessly?

When I’m talking to someone and they’re watching the game or playing Halo.

No way, Jose. If your partner is talking to you, actually sit there and listen with your full attention. Respond to what they have to say.

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3. Don’t be distracted.

Work, fun, or whatever it is that distracts you, relegate it to only a portion of your day. Take distraction-free time to be with your partner every day.

4. Appreciate their better qualities.

It’s so easy to complain and feel annoyed. And yeah, any relationship can be a little annoying sometimes. But remember all the awesome stuff about your partner.

5. Be connected.

Even if it’s a quick text every once in a while while you’re away from your partner, stay connected with them. Check in once in a while. It’ll do you good.

6. Disconnect sometimes.

Sometimes the exact opposite of #5 can also do you some good, especially if you’re often joined at the hip with your partner.

Have a boys weekend in the woods.

Go fishing with your girlfriends. Take a trip to hang out with a long-distance pals. Don’t be afraid to disconnect.

7. Forgive them.

Everyone messes up, and if you did, you would want to be forgiven too, right?

8. Show affection often.

Don’t forget that it’s the little things that count. A peck on the cheek before work or bringing your partner a kiss and a cup of coffee in bed.

Those little things start painting a bigger portrait.

9. Surprise your partner!

Everyone likes a surprise! It’s a good way to keep your partner on their toes. They’ll like the spontaneity.

10. Have mutual goals.

You don’t always have to be striving for the exact same things personally or professionally, but strive toward something together in the big picture, even if it’s your retirement.

11. Don’t forget to laugh.

Being in a relationship is supposed to be fun, after all.

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