Master These Four Dating Basics To Watch Your Relationships Thrive

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So you found someone really special and you want to do everything you can do to make your intentions known and the relationship be as rewarding as possible.

There are some basic traits that can be easily overlooked. These aspects seem obvious, but it can be easy to become distracted.

As you grow and develop your relationship here are some things to always keep in mind and do your best to execute.

Open, Honest Communication

A couple holding one another outside.
Pexels / Craig Adderley
Pexels / Craig Adderley

Communication is KEY. Not just relaying how your day went or other daily, small details, it’s important for the two of you to open up to each other intimately.

Listening and engaging in the expressions of life’s problems and joys helps the two of you acknowledge where you are in relation to each other.

Expressing and recognizing the pleasures of life and personal aspirations is just as important addressing the problems and obstacles.

It shows trust, respect and commitment to willingly express and receive your partner’s opinions and personal thoughts or feelings.

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Actively Sharing And Creating Moments

This is the step beyond communication, it is the application of gathered information and directing it to an end.

Make private jokes, have fun games you two play, or cook new foods together. Make conscious decisions to spend time together need to be made and full filled.

Put away the cell phones, and be as present and open to each other. Don’t make expectations on the time you spend together, let events happen organically.

Expectations will just limit or diminish the rewards.

Reaffirming Commitment

You have choices in life and the fact that the two of you continue to choose each other is reason for celebration.

Don’t underestimate the strength of showing gratitude and appreciation to your partner.

It doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture or celebration, even a simple ‘thank you for being with me’ can really strengthen your relationship.

Works On Solving Problems

Problems are bound to happen.

Either external forces (financial strain, family issues or societal judgements) or internal influences (hesitational trusting, troubles opening up, not being emotionally available) have to be dealt with equally.

There has to be clear communication and a trusting, non judgmental environment for that the two of you can express needs and fears.

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