Go Big Or Go Home

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Clean out the clutter.

A home that’s cluttered, dirty, and bogged down with unneeded items naturally has a lower vibration for the simple fact that you don’t enjoy it.

So go through your home, look at each items, and truly ask yourself: do I need this thing? If the answer is no, it may be time to donate it to Goodwill.

Burn some sage.

Smudging, or burning sage, lavender, and sweetgrass helps purify the energy of the home, leaving only the positive energy. Open a window so the smudging can draw the negative energy out.

Play some good music.

Pump yourself, and your home, up with some good music. Let the music move your spirit and clear the home of bad energy.


Spending some time in meditation raises your own personal vibration, which will naturally raise the vibration of your home too. All it takes is a few minutes of silence each day!

Add houseplants.

Adding some green to your home not only improves the environmental quality of your space, but it raises the spiritual vibration as well. Plants naturally emit positive vibrations.

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