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1. They’re homebodies.

Old souls tend to enjoy the pleasures of staying at home, much like older people. They enjoy spending their leisure time on the porch, reading a book, having a beer, and enjoying some quiet time.

2. They love the little things.

Old souls don’t really care for big, grandiose displays of love from you. They enjoy each little moment of bliss with you. They delight in the small things that reaffirm your love.

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3. They can be a little bit weird.

But old souls view the rest of the world as weirder than them. They march to their own beat, but they’re mature about it. They’re just a little unorthodox.

4. They are able to connect with you and others very deeply.

Old souls don’t really go for superficial acquaintances. They share their thoughts and feelings fully with you and their friends which leads to a much deeper bond.

5. You find yourself learning a lot from them.

They seem to teach you a lot about the world and life without even meaning to. If you’re in love with an old soul, count yourself lucky.

6. They don’t play games.

It’s such a high school thing to do.

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7. They may come off as apathetic.

Old souls don’t really have the same gusto and seriousness for life as younger souls might. They see the long-game, not the short term.

They may seem apathetic, but they do really care about things. They just don’t have the same vigor.

8. Their love is unconditional.

It’s the best kind of love. It doesn’t hinge on you doing a certain thing or being a certain way. They just love you.

9. They aren’t likely to cheat.

They’re not necessarily saints but old souls don’t have it in them to cheat. They choose drama and conflict-free lives. They aren’t controlled by libido.

10. Old souls inspire you to do better.

Because they themselves aspire for the same. They’re good people to be in love with. Count yourself lucky if you are.

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