5 Ways To Say Goodbye To Someone You Never Thought You’d Let Go Of

Breakups are like war. No one really wants to be fighting and if both sides aren’t careful, innocents can get hurt. Whether your relationship was abusive, emotionally unavailable, a bore or just a sucky person, it’s never easy to split ways. The maelstrom of emotions that can get unleashed makes it all the more difficult as we pull ourselves together.

First things first is clue a friend of yours into what’s going on. Only you know how to fix yourself but they can provide valuable insights to keep you on your path. Give Yourself A Hug! Those nasty emotions are headed your way and will be bedding with you for a moment so thank yourself now, while you still want to. You ended an ugly situation because you had to look out for your interests.

Take All The Time You Need

You are going to ‘bounce back’ on your terms and not a moment sooner. Don’t let anybody dictate your time schedule for getting up and running to you. It’s a process and it probably won’t happen overnight. An important element many of us forget is that you are going to be a radically different person after all this. You learned a lot about yourself recently and that alone can take more than a moment to adjust to.

Now, how you choose to spend your time will dictate how long you’ll feel cruddy and how well you will heal and grow. Here is where you can choose to learn a lesson, accept the pain and mature. Choose to learn from and embrace the ugliness of this situation, or run blindly away, not paying attention to your needs and goals. You will lose touch with your true self, in light of the person you are ‘supposed to be’.