106 year old great great grandfather breaks zip line world record

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Meet Jack Reynolds, a great great grandfather from England. He recently broke the Guinness World Record for the oldest person to ever ride a zip line. He recently broke the record while celebrating his 106th birthday!

Jack has a habit of doing something interesting on his birthday every year and has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records more than once.

Reynolds is also the record holder for the oldest person to get a tattoo, which took place on his 104th birthday. He is also the oldest person to ride a rollercoaster, which he did on his 105th birthday!

Since there was a lot of publicity surrounding the event, Jack used it as an opportunity to raise some money for various charities.

Reynolds took the publicity surrounding the event as an opportunity to raise money for various charities.

His daughter Jayne told Metro:

He just decided to use his old age to make money for charity, that’s his main motive but in the meantime, he is getting a lot of fun out of it. It has become somewhat of a tradition that on my birthday I use my new age to help raise money for worthy charities.

Here are some videos that show his zip line adventure from various angles!

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He looks like he had a great time!

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