Grandma Accidentally Invites Stranger To Thanksgiving By Text, Six Years Later They Still Get Together

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Some see coincidences as complete random chances and some see it as the universe’s way of aligning its stars. Whether everything happens for a reason or is off to chance, the moment this grandma coincidentally texted a stranger by mistake ended up changing both their lives.

She accidentally invited a teen she had never met to Thanksgiving dinner, and the duo has decided to continue the tradition for the sixth year in a row.

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It All Started With One Text To A Wrong Number

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Jamalhinton12 / Twitter

Jamalhinton12 / Twitter

This story actually started back in 2016 when news of a grandma who texted the wrong number went viral. You may remember the story of the teen who was brought to a random grandma together for the Thanksgiving holiday.

To refresh your memory, the tradition started when Wanda Dench, now sixty-four years old, thought she was texting her grandson to invite him to Thanksgiving. Instead, she actually texted Jamal Hinton, who was only 17 at the time.