Grandpa Gets Stood Up On First Date In 30 Years, Receives Outpouring Of Support

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Almost everyone has a memory or story of an awful, terrible date they’ve been on. Maybe it was recent and fresh in your mind, or maybe decades ago, but still so terrible that it will stick with you forever. From the gross, to the inconsiderate, to the strange, there’s no shortage of awful people to wind up on a date with.

Then there are the stories that are more sad, with one party winding up broken-hearted thanks to the other’s actions. After this exact scenario happened to one man in his late 80s, he was flooded with love from onlookers, enough to save his spirit.

In any relationship, always take stock of your feelings and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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Looking For Love

Getting back into the dating game after a long-term relationship or an equally long time spent away from it is very hard. You’re a whole new person now, having developed over the years you were either single or with someone else, and tackling that scene as a totally different being can be a struggle!

A young couple on a dinner date, holding hands across a table with large wine glasses next to them.
Unsplash / Rene Rainsch
Unsplash / Rene Rainsch

Especially when you have to relearn that not every date is a winner, and you’re likely to face some turbulence along the way. A man recently went viral for just that, having dipped his toes back into dating only to be betrayed.

The First Step

A man affectionately known as GrandadJoe on TikTok recently went viral for a moment of heartbreak he faced—but he was met with tons of support in the wake of it.

Grandpa Joe sharing how he takes a small urn of his wife's ashes everywhere with him.
TikTok / @grandadjoe1933
TikTok / @grandadjoe1933

It all began with one video he posted in which he shared that he was going on his first date in over 30 years! Joe, who’s 89, had previously been married and frequently posts on his account about the love he still feels for his late wife.

A New Beginning

This date was a big milestone for him, as it would also be the first date he went on since his wife passed away. The video shows him getting ready for the outing, fixing his outfit and hair before heading out.

Grandpa Joe getting ready for his date.
TikTok / @grandadjoe1933
TikTok / @grandadjoe1933

“Come with me on my first dinner date in 30 years!”, reads the on-screen text as he prepares. Once he arrives at the restaurant, he says he’s “waiting patiently” for his date to arrive.

Bitter Endings

Another cut has text that reads, “Here I am checking to see if she’d text to cancel…” as he looks at his phone.

Grandpa Joe waiting for his date to arrive.
TikTok / @grandadjoe1933
TikTok / @grandadjoe1933

Then, finally, a shot of his sighing with his chin resting on his hands. The text now reads, “Waited an hour, she didn’t show up so I just ate alone.” The video’s caption reads, “Well that was fun,” along with a facepalm emoji.

The video only lasts 8 seconds long, but that’s all it took to break the heart of hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide.

A Fanbase’s Love

As of writing, the video sports over 1.2 million views, nearly 100k likes, and thousands of comments expressing both shock that Joe got stood up and support for him and his kind soul who didn’t deserve to be lied to like this.

Grandpa Joe and his granddaughter dancing outside.
TikTok / @grandadjoe1933
TikTok / @grandadjoe1933

Many people happily told Joe that whoever this woman was, it was her loss, as he would make for a wonderful, delightful date. The rest of his content on TikTok is lighthearted comedy videos, meaningful looks into his life, and time spent with his granddaughter, so his fans knew what kind of man this mystery woman left behind.

Some Kind Words

“Some people are just inconsiderate. Good riddance. You deserve someone kind,” wrote one commenter.

Grandpa Joe waiting for his date to arrive.
TikTok / @grandadjoe1933
TikTok / @grandadjoe1933

“I am sorry she didn’t show up; her loss,” said another. “You seem like a wonderful, respectful older man. I would have loved to sit and eat with you.”

Another viewer made a wonderful point that this video alone was a stunning display of character on his end. “You my friend are one of the most respectable people I will see on my fyp. Waiting an hour and not badmouthing someone. You are an inspiration.”

Positive Recovery

While Joe’s story is certainly sad, and being stood up for anything is never easy, the amount of love he received in return is more than enough to brighten anyone’s spirit, no matter what they went through to earn it in the first place.


Well that was fun 🤦‍♂️

♬ kill bill sped up – SZA

Taking that first step to getting back into the dating world after such a long time and such a tragic loss takes a lot of courage, something Joe seems to have in spades. One bad experience hopefully won’t sour his mood for too long.

No Stopping Him

Given the posts that followed this one on his account were back to his usual antics, even one about dreaming up a Valentine’s Day date that got lost when he woke up, it’s safe to say that he bounced back pretty quickly.

Joe’s attitude and good nature are admirable. He’s refusing to let even something as hurtful as being stood up get in the way of the fun he’s having online and elsewhere in his life.

Waiting For The One

His experience also served as a wonderful reminder to viewers that there are people in this life who simply aren’t worthy of your time. If they wrong you, set you up, or leave you behind, know that it was not your fault. They’re the one’s showing their lack of respect for others, while all you did was have your hopes up.

Grandpa Joe waiting for his date to arrive.
TikTok / @grandadjoe1933
TikTok / @grandadjoe1933

Like viewers were happy to tell Joe, other people are more deserving of your attention. A bump in the road like this helps set new boundaries for the future and teaches you what to be aware of to avoid those looking to waste your time.

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