Grandparents Died Holding Hands In A Tornado, 8 Strangers Put The Pieces Back Together

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Love keeps us together – even when everything else falls apart. For most people, death is the one thing that is powerful enough to separate them from their loved ones. But, for the lucky ones, life can be shared together until the very end.

The wedding vow “Till Death Do Us Part” warns a pair in love that they will one day be left without each other. Like straight out of a romance novel, the story of this elderly couple that faced death hand in hand is a tale about the power of love. What the grandparents left behind for their family is even more powerful.

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Meet Thee Millers

Billy and Judy Miller, a couple in their early seventies from Bremen, Kentucky, shared a love for a beautiful 50 years. Billy was a war veteran, and his love for Judy bloomed when he served in the Vietnam war. Due to his sacrifice of serving the country, the romance of the marriage was not ideal.

A photograph of an elderly man and woman kissing.
Family Photo / The Washington Post
Family Photo / The Washington Post

The couple spent decades together creating a family and spending time being great parents and grandparents, even when grieving the loss of two of their children.