Grandparents Who Brighten The World And Prove Age Is Just A Number

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What in the world have we done to deserve our grandparents? Their years of experience never makes them bitter with the world but somehow just make them radiate kindness the more they age. Grandparents know best and they know that there is no point yelling at a child to prove a point when you can just show them instead.

They lead by example even as their bodies start to fail them. They understand the power of a smile and they will stop at nothing to brighten the world of their loved ones, until their very last breath

Papa’s Story Of Love

three note books filled with pages handwritten of

renblankk / Twitter

renblankk / Twitter

​”Today for my birthday, my grandpa gave me 3 books filled with stories of each time he hung out with me from the age of 2 to 5. I am speechless.”

Grandparents know how to give the best gifts and they have nothing to do with their monetary value. By that age, they have learned that meaning is found in action, not in material things. Rather than just write a card about how much they love their grandchildren, you can always count on them to show them instead.