Great Things Take Time

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There’s a shift happening. Energy and vibration among humans is changing and it’s changing fast. People are becoming more sensitive to the needs of others and the planet.

People are now feeling different things. What can we do to prepare for an energy shift and help it along?

1. Cleanse your body.

The first thing I’d recommend doing is cleansing your body of toxins and removing bad habits from your life.

Quit smoking if you do, cut back on drinking alcohol and eating bad food, and mostly put clean fuel into your body. Your energy is at its most vibrant when you treat yourself well.

2. Be creative.

With energetic shifts happening all over the place, now is the time to let your creativity free. Sing, dance, cook, draw, garden, paint, write – let your creativity flow.

Don’t think you’re creative? I think you’re wrong. If you can create anything, you’re creative.

3. Spend time in nature.

When people talk about “shifts,” it’s not necessarily about some impressive, cosmic thing that’s going to come in and change everything. The people who do are selling you yet another false god. This shift is human-made.

This is an energetic shift away from abusive, totalitarian cultural systems and environmental destruction. One great way to help this shift along is to spend time in nature yourself.

Soak it up. Remind yourself of what life used to be for humanity. Attach yourself to nature. Don’t let anyone harm it.

4. Listen to your intuition.

Your intuition, sometimes called your gut, is that inner voice that guides many of your day to day actions.

Sometimes your intuition is wrong, there’s no doubt about it. But get into the habit of listening to that inner voice and maybe thinking about the advice it gives.

5. Center yourself.

By centering yourself, I mean center your energy. Calm your energy. Make sure you get enough sleep. Meditate. Practice yoga. Light candlers.

Be in nature. Spend time with your animal companions. This will make your energy sturdy.

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