Green Or Blue? The Color You See Reveals If Your Brain Can See Reality

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They say that people see what they want to see. Well, this is definitely a true statement, according to the science of optical illusions. Seeing is not always believing, and the truth is that there’s not always one clear-cut right answer when it comes down to the way we understand reality.

Our eyes can deceive us because they’re merely perceptions or an interpretation of the information it translates from our vision to our mind. Think of it like the language of our consciousness. What we perceive as reality might not necessarily be what is actually real. Test your vision to see if your brain can detect real reality!

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A Simple Optical Illusion

Optical Illusions often use shapes and dimensions to trick our brains into seeing different possible images and messages. But, some of these psychological tests can be much simpler than ever imagined.

Green neon lights forming the illusion of an underground hole.
Ralph (Ravi) Kayden / Unsplash
Ralph (Ravi) Kayden / Unsplash

We bet you think you know the difference between the colors blue and green like the back of your hand. Well, think again! This illusion has surprised thousands of people, and what you see exposes how your brain views the world. Take a look at the survey for yourself, but remember … what you see first is your truth, but not necessarily what is real!