Grieving Mom Says She Saw Spirit Of Daughter Playing With Her Toys At Her Own Grave

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When you lose someone you love, your greatest wish is to see them just once more, even if you couldn’t hold on to them forever. This wish is even greater for a mother who loses a young child way before they’re due. The very same soul they brought into the world, leaves it before it has a chance to see it. So when a mother sees the ghost of her dead child, it’s possible that she’s projecting some kind of hope that her child is still around.

However, this grieving mom had a surreal experience when she found the spirit of her two-year-old daughter playing at her own grave. She even had captured video footage in the graveyard to prove she isn’t hallucinating.

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Gone Too Young

mom takes a selfie with her daughter's grave

Obeey.Sandrizzy / Facebook

Obeey.Sandrizzy / Facebook

Little Faviola Rodriguez was just two years old when her mother had to say goodbye to her. The events of her death were tragic and her life was taken while she was in her mother’s boyfriend’s’s care. The poor mother was completely unaware that anything could have been going wrong when she trusted her partner and lover to watch her child.

The day she was buried at the Mosanic Cemetery in Las Cruces, New Mexico was easily one of the most heartbreaking days of her mother’s life. A child is meant to outlive their parent. To learn from their mistakes and make a better life for themselves. A child is meant to grow up to see the world, leave their mark in it and experience its beauty. Unfortunately, those opportunities were taken from Faviola and her mother.