Wild grizzly bear surprises unsuspecting man by sitting next to him during camping

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In Alaska, there are bears everywhere! The McNeil River is known for its large population of grizzly bears. The area was deemed to be a wildlife sanctuary in 1967 and was expanded in 1993.

This state game sanctuary is one of the only places in the world that allows visitors to experience close up encounters with the animals.

One lucky man had an extremely close call with a large grizzly bear in the sanctuary, when a bear decided to casually sit down next to him.

Reported by Huffpost in 2014, Drew Hamilton, a tech worker for the state of Alaska Department of Fish and Game, was photographing grizzly bears in the sanctuary and had this once in a life time close encounter.

According to Natural Habitat, Hamilton has spent more than twelve years watching and photographing grizzly bears, black bears, and polar bears across North America.

Drew was just trying to have a brief relaxing moment in his camping chair when suddenly a large brown shape made its way next to him.

The grizzly bear decided to make its way to the river, when Drew started to record the intruder with his camera. Even though the bear seemed to come out of nowhere, it didn’t show any signs of being displeased with Hamilton’s presence.

As the video continues, the grizzly bear decides to take a seat next to one of Drew’s camping chairs. The bear just wanted to enjoy the scenery as well!

You can watch the incredible video below!

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Learn more: Drew Hamilton | ADFG Alaska

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