7 Signs That your Relationship Is Headed Downhill

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1. The intimate attraction is gone.

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Unsplash / Arnel Hasanovic
Unsplash / Arnel Hasanovic

This is the first sign that things aren’t going great in your relationship. Many decide to overlook this problem because they love more about their partner than just the intimacy, but this leads to some uncomfortable realities.

You’re 27 and in a loveless marriage. Do you call it quits? Do what you have to do to remain sane.

2. The relationship drains you.

After a weekend together, you’re drained. You’re drained because you fought, they annoyed you, you didn’t see eye to eye – we’ve all felt this way before.

Face it: your partner is going to just drain your energy from time to time. If it starts becoming an all the time issue, that’s a big problem.

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3. You want to get away.

You’d rather go hang out with your friends and family then spend another evening with them. This is your reality. This is also a sign that it’s time to move on.

4. You don’t enjoy your partner.

This ties into #3 a bit. You may have fell in love with their wild spirit and their creative side, but over time, that’s gone the wayside. You no longer enjoy them. Time to call it quits.

5. You put in all the effort.

You do the dishes. You walk the dogs. You feed the fish. You clean the bathroom. You make the bed. You do all the work in the relationship.

No matter what you do, you can’t get your partner to meet you halfway. They sit around and do nothing. Time to call it quits.

6. You feel trapped in it.

Social obligations, living together, joint finances, marriage; they all stop you from pulling the trigger. You don’t want to be in the relationship but stay because you’re stuck in it.

Guess what: you’re not. You can do whatever you want. It may be hard, but time heals all wounds.

7. You idealize being with someone else.

Your partner doesn’t meet some of your expectations and they just can’t quite seem to get on your level, so you begin thinking about people in your life who do match your intensity.

This is a red flag, big time. We have goals. If your partner isn’t going to make it to your goals with you, it’s time to move on.

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