Guess Who Hates Valentines Day The Most? A Survey Found The Answer

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Valentine’s day is upon us. When we think of the word “Valentine” we tend to picture roses, chocolate, cupid, and couples happily in love. However, this is not the case for everyone, in fact, it only is for a rare few. Valentine’s day is a day full of pressure, performance, and a reminder to those of us who are single, that we are very much still single.

So which one of us are the ones who dread it the most. Is it the single ones? Is it the ones in toxic relationships? Is it the men who feel pressured to buy expensive gifts? Let’s find out!

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Guess Who Hates Valentine’s Day?

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Designecologist / Pexels

Designecologist / Pexels

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and sharing love, but there’s a group of people who have no love to share around the holiday. These are people who have turned to the internet to voice their complaints and reflect exactly how many others are feeling on the inside. They have found a forum where they can find others who share their feelings and thoughts and engage in conversation to support one another.

We are talking about Redditors. According to data published by AT&T, a majority of Reddit users have negative opinions of Valentine’s Day. This makes for just over one-third of people on the popular social media platform.