The Meaning Of The Half Moon Shape On Your Nails Have Finally Been Revealed

Have you ever looked at your fingers, and wondered what the point of the little half moon shaped area on your nail is?

Well we've got the answer for you! It is actually a very important part of your nail's structure that should be treated with extreme care.

The white area around the root of your finger nail, known as the the lunula, which is latin for 'little moon', is responsible for protecting the blood vessels that lie under the fifth base layer of your epidermis.

It is very important not to damage your lunula in any way, or your entire nail has the potential to grow back deformed.

Plus, new discoveries in alternative medicine have found that your lunula may be able to reveal certain aspects of your overall health.

In traditional Chinese medicine, your lunula can actually reveal quite a bit about the current state of your health. If there is a reddish stain on your lunula, it's possible that you're suffering from some kind of cardiovascular disease.

If your lunula seemed nonexistent, it was believed to be a potential sign of anemia and diabetes. However, a slow metabolism along with large amounts of toxins in your body could also be the cause of your shrinking lunula.

Traditional Chinese medicine also believed your lunula to be a representation of your energy levels.

It would be large and prominent if you were well energized, and small, or even completely gone if you were were lacking in energy, or malnourished.

A healthy person has between 8 and 10 lunulas with a mostly white color on both of their hands. Additionally, if your thumbs are the only fingers with lunula, you are likely to have low physical energy, and get sick more often.

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