This Is What Your Hand Size Reveals About Your Personality

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Who would have thought you could learn so much about yourself based on the size of your hands?

For centuries, people have claimed to be able to tell what someone’s personality is like, just by looking at a few basic physical features.

Some believe that you can determine someone’s personality just by the size of their hands! Keep in mind this is just for fun, some people find it very accurate and others think it’s completely inaccurate.

However, regardless of what your opinions may be, there used to be an entire area of science dedicated to things like this.

Phrenology was used to analyze a person’s personality based on the measurements of their skull. Listed below are interpretations of what the size of your hands may reveal about your personality:

People with rectangular palms tend to be problem solvers.

They tend to be intuitive and adventurous people as well. They’re the the problem solvers you want in any work or school project.