Just A Coincidence? THIS Is Why You Need To Believe Everything Happens For A Reason

We are often to blinded by what's happening at the moment in time to fully realize that the things we are experiencing are happening for a reason.

The reason may not always be clear in that moment in time, however, the reasons are always there. If you think about it, despite whatever is actually happening at the time, there was a good reason for it to happen and for it to include you specifically.

Think of every time you've ever experienced some form of adversity in your life such as moving, heartbreak, new job, etc. Things like these happen for a reason and give you the chance to learn/grow from these experiences. You may not have wanted to experience some of these adversities, but this is one of life's many tests that fall before you.

Every possible outcome revolves around your actions and what you do in that moment of time. Whether it be change for the better or change for the worst, it is up to you to navigate through these conflicts and liabilities, for there is no one else who is going to change those things for you.

However, sometimes the reason is as clear as day and can make you question everything that is your decision making. This is normal to feel a little overwhelmed by everything as well as the reasons as to why they are even happening.

Personally, I view everyday as an opportunity to learn, grow, and understand from the reasons as to why everything happened the way it did.

I like to think of the words I've given people as advice, what I've been feeling for the past month or so, what happiness looks like to me, and other little ways for myself to fully comprehend the way things are. More importantly, it's better to be flexible and fluid with your everyday routine.

Life is a very unpredictable thing, not everything is going to go your way exactly the way you want it, so it's up to you to decide whether you want to grow from the experiences you encounter everyday, or you can despair and try to cope with the terrible feelings within yourself.

It's important to remember that no matter what happens you must always keep moving forward. Never look to your past with sorrow and see it is a never ending opportunity to learn something new.

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