6 Visible Habits People Fall Into When Depressed

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If you know someone who has recently become unhappy, then you may want to look for these six bad habits to identify what kind of behavioral issues they are suffering from and how you can help them overcome these struggles.

Being unhappy or depressed can be a very energy-consuming process, constantly draining them of all motivation, 24/7.

It is important that you remain patient with them as they go at their own pace in restoring their happiness once again.

1. Future Worry

A man sitting on a cliff, looking out at the distance.
Unsplash / Elijah Hiett
Unsplash / Elijah Hiett

People who are depressed or unhappy usually have a sense of worry for what might happen in the future.

They are never truly living in the moment and choose to look far ahead into their lives, thinking of all the horrible outcomes they could suffer from.

It is important you try to remind them that they must live fully in the present, otherwise they will never truly be happy with what is going on in the future.

Focus on the here and now, what they can improve on, and how they can get themselves back to being happy.