8 Harsh Truths About Happy Couples

In the United States, approximately half of marriages end in divorce and the average relationship now lasts just 2 years. These days, people aren't as happy as they used to be either.

Only about 46% of Americans polled by Gallup last January said they experienced a lot of happiness and joy in their lives.

With that being the case, more and more particularly young people are looking to relationships as a source of joy, but joy comes from within. Thus we have many couples that aren't happy and aren't doing well.

What are the 8 hard truths of truly happy couples?

Truth #1: They realize there will be little issues.

Relationships are work from the day they begin to the day they eventually end. There will always be little things that need work, and that's fine. In working through small issues, you'll become closer.

Truth #2: Love is sometimes inconvenient.

It's true. Sometimes loving someone means you don't move across country to take a job. Sometimes it means you put some of your goals on hold. These aren't bad things. Some things are more important.

Truth #3: True soul mates work for each other.

As an individual, you work for yourself. In a relationship, however, you're working WITH someone else. Your relationship becomes the unit. Everything done is for the betterment of the relationship. It's key to keeping both parties happy.

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