5 Harsh Truths Most People Forget

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Perception is everything. The simplicity of this phrase overwhelms us sometimes. We can choose to see some of the expressions below as harsh statements, that inspire negativity, or choose to see the beauty and potential in them.

Most aspects of life have ‘good’ and bad’ elements in them. We get focused on the negative at times, but this short list should help restore perspective.

No One Is Actually Too Busy To Respond To You

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Pexels / Porapak Apichodilok
Pexels / Porapak Apichodilok

When we don’t seem to be a priority in people’s life, it’s all too easy to to get upset and take it personally. First remember that everyone has craziness in their life. Life can be hard all round and you should offer support, to help them finish their business.

If, however, a person never tries to include you in their life, or explain their aloof nature, you may be better off without them. If there is no reciprocation or even an attempt at genuine communication, stop wasting your energy.

Everyone Is Looking Out For Themselves

Can you blame them, or accept blame, for looking out for yourself? You are the only one experiencing, first hand, these particular feelings, attitudes and preferences.

We can do our best to share moments and insights with others but the information is always second hand. By looking out for yourself, you ensure that your resources and time will be maximized. Don’t try to deprive others of the same right.

You Can’t Make Everybody Happy All The Time

People come to expect certain behaviors, in doing so they try to hand over responsibility for their emotions. Don’t fall for this trap of dependence. It is our responsibility to ourselves that keeps our egos and personas contained.

Without a tether to our genuine selves, we pour more energy into our formations and less into our growth. By trying to continually shield the people you care about, you take away the necessary pressures that keep us healthy.

The World Doesn’t Owe You Anything

This is a powerful statement that is often misunderstood. We can only get what we work for. This fact makes some people sad but I think it’s a great incentive. We only have so much time and resources to make a change or life our dreams.

We aren’t guaranteed time, opportunities, or assets. The only consistent aspect of our life we have control over is our perception and our effort.

Actions Speak Louder Than Intentions Or Words

Thoughts and intentions give shape to the world around us, through acknowledgement and understanding we build the potential for change. Even if we had all the wisdom and perspective available to a single person, without action those formations equate to dreams and fantasies.

There are times that our best laid plans and intentions, fail to make a dent in our goals.

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