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Harvest Full Moon in Pisces: Get Ready For The Emotional Pull On September 20

This month's lunar climax will surely been an emotional one. The September 2021 full moon (also known as the Harvest Moon) is rising in Pisces.

Full moons in general are heavy on feelings, but as a water sign, this energy shift is both poetic and sensitive. It's likely to feel more emotional than usual. As we say goodbye to the warm season, we are forced to spend some time with ourselves. Whether that means facing our darkness or focusing on future projects, here are the changes that the Harvest Moon brings ahead.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay

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Pisces is one of the more emotional signs of the zodiac. This means that it is very in tune with the negative energy around it, especially after the year we've had. Up to this point, we may have been bottling it all up, especially in an effort to be productive with Virgo's energy.

The Pisces's energy may release an urge to get it all out of our systems. Wether that means a good cry, or connecting with loved ones, it's okay not to be okay.

The Rose Colored Glasses Effect

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​On the bright side, Pisces also brings out our passion. It's likely that once you release, you'll find comfort in daydreams. You may feel more motivated as your intuition kicks in over your logic. Let your imagination take over but be careful not to fully put on Pisces rose-colored glasses.

This is a great time to set intentions and visualize the kind of lifestyle you previously might have convinced yourself was too out of reach.

Full Moon, New You

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While the New Moon in Virgo pushed you to organize and set rational boundaries, Pisces will balance that out by pulling you towards a more creative perspective. Allow yourself to think outside of the box. If you don't know how, think of a creative form of expression.

As you write, draw, dance bake or engage in any other creative outlet, you'll find yourself channeling ​Pisces unique energy and influencing your mood. Let the passion take over This is a great time to try something new or take a risk. Trust your gut.

A Rise Of Psychic Ability

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On September 20, the Pisces full moon will sit closest to Neptune. This not only will pull us towards amplified sensitivity but it might open us up to psychic ability. When caving into daydreaming, we might be able to see the world through a much more colorful and hopeful lens.

Leave logic on the backburner and listen to what the heart has to say. Open it up to getting lost in this outwardly creative energy. Once you let it turn on your inner light, you'll surprise yourself with how much clearer you can see.

The Harvest Moon's Balancing Act

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Traditionally the September Moon's spiritual meaning is all about balance and abundance as the daylight and night hours split almost equally. it's a time of rebirth where the trees begin to shed their leaves. It's a time of closure and climactic conclusion as the warmer season ends to welcome fall and winter.

To channel that in, consider that It's a time to honor and appreciate your home. But, it's a time for reflection and gratitude as well, as you will feel deeply with Pisces energy.

Reflect Back Inwards

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Collectively, we are beginning to turn inward. We are becoming aware of the natural world around us and as it changes it reflects back on us. We feel these changes so we might as well embrace them. As the natural word takes the time to face on its darker, colder season, take the time to do the same so that by spring, you're ready to bloom with its flowers.

Consider these key themes as part of your intention: gratitude, abundance, harvesting and nature, transitions, balance, and home and hearth


The Four Facial Traits That Make The Most Attractive People

Researchers keep on trying to unlock the million-dollar question: what makes a person the most beautiful? The media keeps on changing the women they show as most beautiful and we keep on changing our appearance and fashion in an attempt to keep up. But the question is, do we actually ever actually "feel" beautiful?"

Does it truly come down to a science, where certain traits deem a person most attractive or is beauty relative like they say? Let's find out!

The More Symmetry The Better

woman with hair wrapped in a headcsarf

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​Many experimental studies have shown that men and women both prefer faces that are more symmetrical. They even came up with ratios and masks that can measure the level of symmetry in a face, and by extension its beauty. Even monkeys have been noticed gazing longer at symmetrical faces.

But why? Well, science doesn't seem to have gotten that far. It could have something to do with evolution and our brains tricking themselves into thinking that a symmetrical face must be a sign of good health. Maybe we associate good genes with the more successful development of a facial structure.

Having "Babyface" Features

woman leans with her elbow over bridge

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​The idea of the fountain of youth didn't come out of anywhere. There is a belief that people are at their most beautiful in the prime of their youth, where they've grown enough to have adult features, but haven't experienced enough to lose their innocence and be affected by the environment.

From this idea, came the "baby face", where large eyes, long lashes, a cute little nose, a small chin, plump lips, and rosy cheeks are desirable. These traits can either describe a baby or a supermodel but the idea is that they reflect feelings of warmth, trust and won't argue back.

The More Average, The More Relatable

people crossing the street in a big group

Jacek Dylag / Unsplash

People are actually attracted to faces that appear distinctly average. Yes, the more you look like the general population, the more attractive you can come off, which just seems ironic.

The reason some studies made this conclusion, is that teh more average a face is, the more they likely are to be a blend of genes A study, published in the journal Human Nature said that average faces might be a reflection of a more diverse set of genes, which we might subconsciously consider as stronger in fighting off illnesses.

Something About Getting Older

older man with beard and glasses

JJ Jordan / Unslpash

Maybe women seem more attractive with baby faces but forget about youth when it comes to women's attraction to men. Women might actually end up being more attracted to men who look older according to a study.

This idea is still evolving and has something to do with women finally having a place in the workforce. The more financially independent they become, the more they like older guys, according to the study. They even named this the "George Clooney Effect" which showed women that the more patient they are, the better their chances at finding a man has more status and resources due to being older.

For more great relationship advice and tips on how to attain the kind of love you deserve, watch this video from expert, Amy North: Click Here To Watch The Full Video.

Familiar Faces Per Genetics

man holds up woman who smiles down at him

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Ask yourself how you feel when you meet someone who looks like someone else you love? You probably automatically take a liking to them just because they seem familiar, even if you've truly never met them before. You might even just trust them right away. In the same way, the more familiar a person might feel, the more we could be attracted to them.

Another study found that the faces we are attracted to are heavily influenced by our personal experiences in life, and probably nothing more. This theory says it's not because of genetics as even twins couldn't agree on who they found attractive. It just depends on who you meet and look at throughout your life and the experiences you associate with them.

Basically You Can't Win

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Well, it turns out, even when you try to with science, you really can't define beauty. Some people are attracted to babyfaces, while some can't help but be drawn to older ones. Some people's brains attach symmetry with good health while others just want an average-looking face to continue their genes. So the message is, beauty is relative after all. I am beautiful and you are beautiful and everyone will be most attractive to someone.

Rather than focus on looks, focus on the person on the inside. You're here for a reason. This is your sign to get to know yourself better and unleash your potential.

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