This 80 Year Old Man Hasn’t Bathed In Over 60 Years. What Can We Learn From Him?

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This man may look like some kind of troll, but it’s only because he hasn’t bathed in 60 years. You can’t really see his eyes, his skin is scaly and sure, he smells pretty rough, but he argues he’s making the better life choice.

Why you ask?

He believes his good health is a result of him not bathing. It’s hard to argue with. He hasn’t seen a shower in over 60 years and he seems to be a healthy 80 year old.

According to two dermatologists, most Americans actually shower far too often. They go on to point out that daily showering or bathing is a result of cultural preferences or societal norms, and that humans really only need to bathe ever 2-3 days.

Obviously these dermatologists wouldn’t recomend not showering for 60 years, but who are we to judge this man’s life? He has found happiness in the Iranian desert and that’s all that matters.

We encourage everyone to think about what they truly desire in life and we encourage everyone to follow those dreams. If this man is happy living in the Iranian desert without bathing, more power to him!

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