4 Ways To Cleanse Your Aura Of Toxic Energy

We have our daily hygiene routines like brushing our teeth, taking a shower, and putting on deodorant. One hygiene routine that we may ignore is a bit more subtle. It has to do with cleaning our aura of negative energy.

The aura, just like our physical forms, can be neglected. This leads to all sorts of problems, not to mention mood disorders like depression and anxiety. Try these 4 ways to cleanse your aura of toxic energy.

1. Crystals.

Placing crystals throughout your home, particularly in your windows, cleanses energy before it enters your home. This means only positive energy surrounds you. No negative energy clinging to your aura allowed.

2. Smudging.

Inevitably, that negative energy will be brought in. Sometimes negative spirits haunt our homes and negative people track it in like mud. You can rid negative energy from your space by smudging, or burning sage.

Burn enough to make your home a bit smokey and focus on corners where negative energy likes to hide. Afterward, open your windows and allow the smoke to pull the negative energy out.

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