Have You Ever Wanted To Sell Your Crap, Pay Off Your Debt, And Do What You Love? Now You Can!

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There’s a phenomenon spreading all around the globe. It’s the Tiny House movement.

Our lifestyles are changing. In previous years, we’ve wanted to go big big big! Big with our homes, big with our cars, and unfortunately, big with our debt. But the attitudes are beginning to shift. We’re finding we don’t find happiness with our things, but the way we live our lives and who we live them with.

“A tiny house is any house in which all the space is being used well,” says Jay Shafer, a tiny house advocate and founder of Four Lights Tiny House Company. “When my friends and I founded the Small House Society… that was our definition and we’re sticking to it.”

Take a tour of some of 5 favorite tiny homes:

Anita’s Eco-Friendly Portland tiny house.