Having Conversations With Dead Loved Ones Is Not Only Normal, But Essential

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It’s easy to forget that life is short when we’re busy filling our days with work and play. But when we are hit with the death of someone we deeply love, it can be very hard to recover.

Whether it be a parent, a friend, or a neighbour, we can never be prepared to lose someone. Surprisingly, talking out loud to their spirit can be help us move forward. George Eliot once said, “Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them,” and this is how remembering them can help:

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Talking Is Good For Mental Health

When we are grieving, it’s more important than ever to take care of our mental health. Doctors have stated that those who find themselves having conversations with people who have passed to the other side are unknowingly practicing self-healing.

A man with his face buried in his hands, a woman comforting him while they sit on a white couch.
Alex Green / Pexels
Alex Green / Pexels

Giving yourself the time and space to receive closure will lessen the toll that loss takes on the mind. Conversing with a ghost lets a person be present with the loss they are facing, letting them come to terms with the circumstances at their own pace.

Everyone Grieves Differently

Everybody deals with grief in their own unique ways. However, it’s extremely important to sit, confront, and try to understand pain when it shows up instead of ignoring, repressing, or distracting yourself from it.

A man sitting alone at a kitchen table, his face resting in his hand.
Andrew Neel / Pexels
Andrew Neel / Pexels

When you engage in a one-sided conversation with a dead loved one, you are coming to terms with the fact that they are gone. Through this act, a person will transition to the realization that their lost friend can no longer respond, but instead learn the value in keeping them in their hearts.

Processing Death

Death is traumatic, and when we’re forced to face the loss of someone we were close to, we are left feeling lost and depressed. Death is a hard concept to understand, and it comes with so many questions that no one is able to answer.

A tombstone with flowers that says
Sandy Millar / Unsplash
Sandy Millar / Unsplash

Talking out loud to the spirit of the dead can help us make sense of the situation. Speaking our minds about our worries, fears, and anxieties about the loss can help us process the reality of our new normal. This practice can be comforting as we transition to a life without them.

Loneliness/ Isolation

Talking out loud is one of the most healing things a person can do. This is why most people rely on the ears of friends and therapists when they are going through a tough time. But, talking to deceased friends or family when you are by yourself can do the same trick when it comes to fighting off loneliness.

A man sitting in a graveyard, with white flowers behind him.
Cottonbro / Pexels
Cottonbro / Pexels

Losing someone we wanted to hold on to forever is hard, and when this happens most people feel like spending their days alone and in bed. When we’re not feeling strong enough to be around the company of others, the act of speaking to the soul of the one we miss most will help us feel less lonely.

Spiritual Release

Spirituality is a practice that helps people have hope and faith when life gets hard. Believing in a higher power can be beneficial for a person dealing with loss, knowing that the ones they are missing have a peaceful afterlife to rest in.

An open hand reaching into the clouds.
Jeremy Perkins / Unsplash
Jeremy Perkins / Unsplash

Having conversations with someone we have lost is an exercise for practicing spiritual beliefs. Whether you believe in heaven or reincarnation, speaking out loud to the soul of a deceased individual is a form of meditation. It’s a reminder that their spirit will always be right alongside us.

Write It Out

If you can’t bring yourself to verbally speak the words, writing is a great tool that helps in the healing process of grief. Many people practice journaling as a form of meditation, but writing letters is another way to relieve loss from the heart and mind.

A close-up of a sheet of paper with cursive writing and a felt tip pen.
Aaron Burden / Unsplash
Aaron Burden / Unsplash

When death takes away someone we were close to, it can be difficult to realize everyday that they are no longer physically with us. But, their souls still exist and are eternally inside of our hearts. Writing a letter to a passed loved one is a beautiful way to keep the communication with them alive, letting out everything you wish you could have said.

Feel It To Heal It

These conversations between a dead loved one and their grieving counterpart left behind might appear strange to an outsider, but they are essential. The more we are truthful and honest with our feelings, the faster we will heal.

A close-up of a woman's face with closed eyes and tears rolling down her cheeks.
Karolina Grabowska / Pexels
Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

Speaking to the deceased is similar to believing that spirit guides are watching over us or guardian angels are leading our path to healing. When the tears start to flow, let them out! It’s a sign from the universe that your body and soul are going through the motions to recover.

They Are Always With Us

Tomorrow is never promised, but death always is. Loss is an inevitable part of life, and for most people, it’s a very challenging reality to face.

An empty park bench underneath trees.
Ann / Unsplash
Ann / Unsplash

Just because someone is no longer physically walking this earth, they will always remain with us in our hearts. Talking out loud to a loved one is proof that as long as we are still alive, conversations with the dead can always still be had. That special someone you’re missing is just one word away.


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