Having Nightmares About Losing Teeth? This Is What It Means

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Dreams are such a surreal thing. The amalgamation of our waking and subconscious minds as they meet in our sleep, our real-world problems showing themselves through abstract demonstrations, elements pulled from the real world and twisted into new meanings, no wonder they’re so hard to make sense of!

Though they seem random, it’s possible that your dreams are anything but! Certain elements present in your dreams (or nightmares) could point to potential problems that are weighing heavy on your mind.

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Sweet Dreams

Dreams are the mystical landscape we enter when we lay down to sleep for the night. This is where our imaginations run truly wild, uninhibited by the waking limitations. It’s during these hours that our subconscious worries, hopes, and thoughts bubble to the surface and manifest themselves in fantastical ways for us to interpret once we wake the next morning.

A woman who has fallen asleep in bed with the TV on, the remote in her hand.

Though there are people who dedicate their lives to dream interpretation, it’s still a largely personal phenomenon, which means no one besides you can figure out the true meaning of your dreams.

That being said, there are some frequent trends in dreams that you might see yourself reflected in.

One Of Many

A very common, unsettling dream to have is one involving your teeth falling out. We see this motif not only in ourselves but in media depictions of the foundational aspects of a nightmare.

Someone's lips being held open, their teeth on display.
Unsplash / Kamal Hoseinianzade
Unsplash / Kamal Hoseinianzade

It’s a confusing, distressing dream to have. Imagine an average day, where you’re likely unaware that you’re dreaming when suddenly you look down, and all your teeth tumble from your mouth. It is perhaps the most commonly discussed creepy motif in dreams.

Does commonality mean that having this sort of dream represents something specific within us? It just might, but there are actually plenty of interpretations for what teeth falling out in a dream could mean. Here are just a few theories.

Loss Of Control

The most common interpretation of one’s teeth falling out in a dream is that it symbolizes a loss of control. It takes something we know doesn’t happen (our adult teeth spontaneously falling out at once) and forces us to live through it, making us feel like we’ve lost all control on not only our lives but reality itself.

Woman lying in her bed under the blanket and trying to sleep at night in her bedroom, appearing stressed.

This loss of control could be a particularly stressful week at work, some tension in a relationship, or worrying too much about the lives of others when you know you can’t change anything.

Breaking Bad Habits

Watching your teeth fall out in a dream could be indicative of a bad habit that’s in need of breaking. People often see this if the habit in question is bad for their teeth, such as smoking. Their brains take what could happen to them should they continue and presents them to you while dreaming so you can see just how bad it can get.

Someone biting into a lemon that's been sliced in half.
Unsplash / Engin Akyurt
Unsplash / Engin Akyurt

Though it feels ominous, this really is your brain looking out for your health, reaching out to you in the only way it knows how.


This one is a bit more vague but teeth falling out in a dream could also be indicative of a frustration you’ve been hanging onto for a long period of time. Maybe it’s to do with finances, your romantic life, or a difficult family member. Whatever it may be, you’ve had enough, but don’t have an outlet to express that.

A troubled woman on black background, her hair tousled and hands up by her mouth.

And so it recreates itself in your dreams, making you spit all your teeth out of your mouth to conjure that feeling of frustration and remind you of the major problem at hand in your waking life.

This same effect can also happen if you have pent-up feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, jealousy, fear, and depression. Negative emotions like this manifest in something jarring, offputting, and overall shocking so you can be reminded how big of an issue it is and how you should be paying more attention to it.


Change is scary. Transitioning from one chapter of your life into another isn’t always easy; given humans’ innate fear of the unknown, being unsure of what’s coming next is a major stressor for many people.

Loose teeth scattered on a table.

Once again, this anxiety can pop up in our dreams, driving our fantasy teeth to fall out of our mouths.

All that can be done to combat this is to think about what aspect of this upcoming change is making you the most anxious and learn how best to cope with it, lest you find a few loose molars in your next dream.

Fear Of Aging

This one has more of a direct parallel to physical health than it does any psychological concern. As we age, our teeth do weaken, and do become more prone to falling out. While it’s extremely unlikely that any of us will wake up one day to all or even most of our teeth having popped out overnight, it’s not a completely unrealistic representation of fears associated with growing older.

A man taking a set of dentures out of his mouth.
Unsplash / Diana Polekhin
Unsplash / Diana Polekhin

Sometimes this specific fear is caused by a recent or upcoming event. Has someone in your life passed away recently? Is someone currently ill? It could even be an upcoming birthday that has you stuck in the existential conundrum of our own mortality.

Communication Difficulties

When we over-worry about doing something, what we tend to think is that there will be some sort of punishment should we accomplish it, no matter how absurd or impossible that punishment seems.

A woman at work, leaning over her desk, hands to her head, appearing strssed.

That’s why teeth falling out can sometimes be read as an indicator that you’re having difficulty communicating, or are afraid of expressing yourself, with the actual loss of teeth being what your brain has created as the ‘punishment’ you’re stressing about.

Loss Of Faith

This one is explicitly rooted in Christian biblical beliefs, so it might not apply to everyone, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

A woman holding a bible open.

In the Christian faith, teeth are representative of tools used to break down the word of God and digest it easily. To lose one’s teeth, especially all at once, could signify that you’re struggling with your faith or struggling to accept those same words you’ve been following for some time now. Maybe you’re running into issues striking a balance between your spirituality and your material life.

A Desire To Be Taken Care Of

Teeth, despite being a central component of how we live our lives and maintain our health, are fragile things. They’re prone to many issues; if you aren’t 100% on top of your oral health, it’s not uncommon to run into some issues.

A tooth x-ray that displays one of the teeth in a bright red.

Our teeth falling out in a dream due to lack of care could represent a larger desire to be cared for. Maybe you’re feeling neglected or forgotten about, which is weighing heavily on your mind and showing itself through the deterioration of your body.

Personal Growth

Let’s consider a few positive interpretations of teeth falling out in a dream!

Close-up the face of a smiling, happy girl with her first baby tooth just fallen out in her mother's hand.

First, it can represent a time of personal growth. As mentioned earlier, change is scary, but a lot of the time it is good for you. You’ll never be able to grow into a better, wiser person without things changing around you every so often. This interpretation might be especially true if the teeth falling out in your dream are baby teeth, as now they’re leaving room for your adult teeth to emerge!

New Beginnings

Second, but similar, is that losing your teeth in a dream means it’s time for a new beginning.

Rows of fake teeth.
Unsplash / Rudi Fargo
Unsplash / Rudi Fargo

When shifting into a new area of our lives, we have to leave some things behind. Those things aren’t usually our teeth, but hey, our dreams can get a little wild sometimes in how they choose to show us things.

Though it’s a little…gruesome, imagine your now toothless mouth as a fresh start! No, that’s still weird…Listen, what’s important is that when you wake up, you’ll still have all your teeth and know that your mind is free and ready to welcome all the new things that will come your way.

Body And Mind Connection

The science and speculation behind dream interpretation will likely never be completely sound. There are still thousands of things our brains do that we don’t fully understand, and studying something that only happens in our sleep makes it harder.

A mindful woman meditating, surrounded by beautiful nature, reaching up and to her left.

That means it’s up to us to sit with our nightly visions and work them out for ourselves. If you’ve been having toothy dreams and find that one of the interpretations listed here rings true for you, maybe it’s time to start working with your subconscious more. Learning about how your inner-mind works and how it communicates with you will both encourage personal growth and make you appear wise beyond your years.

Most importantly, it will allow you to harmonize further with your mind and soul.

If you’re looking for more information on your life and your individual sign, then you’ll need your own zodiac reading. We’re each on our own unique path and what some struggle with this season, might not be applicable to you too.

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