He Was The Only Man To Believe Her In Court, 44 Years Before They Fell In Love

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Betsy Sailor and Irv Pankey were once just two students trying to get through college so they can begin their lives. They had no idea that trauma would make their path cross not once but twice only for them to fall in love the second time.

This is a story of fate, timing, and kindness. Even the darkest times that bring about the greatest stories in love and success. If you’re currently in a rut, let this story give you hope. Nothing may make sense right now and there may seem like there is no reason for these bad things to happen. It took these two a whole 44 years before they realized that they were star-crossed lovers.

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The Night Of A Traumtic Incident

Betsy Sailor was a 21-year-old Penn State senior when she was raped in 1978 by Penn State football playerTodd Hodne

ESPN/Betsy Sailor

ESPN/Betsy Sailor

Meet Betsy Sailor who in 1978 was just a 21-year-old business administration major student. Due to the time, she was one of few women in her program and it was hard for her to find friends and roommates. So she figured she would make an ad for a roommate and post it in the newspaper, hoping she’d meet other female students that way.

One day Betsy came home from grocery shopping like any other evening and explains:  “I was doing all the silly stuff you do when you’re all by yourself…I was singing loudly and dancing with the refrigerator door, and being very much myself.” Except this wouldn’t be like any other night…