Healing From Childhood Trauma Is Difficult But Not Impossible, Here’s ​Proof From Real Survivors

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We can’t deny that the experiences we have as children shape who we become as adults. Not all children are blessed to have stable childhood where both parents are present, nurturing and attentive. Some parents actually are not deserving of the title at all and end up creating completely traumatizing experiences that their children don’t know how to let go of, not even as adults.

Yet some survivors of childhood trauma refuse to give up their happiness and their future because of their parents’ mistakes. Here is how they broke the cycle.

Thanks To The Right People, At The Right Time, At The Right Place

woman hugs man by sunset water

Anastasia Sklyar / Unsplash

Anastasia Sklyar / Unsplash

“Support from friends who understood what I was going through, some counseling, lots of prayer, and reading that helped me understand the extent of the trauma and my boyfriend who became my fiance, who is now my husband. Get yourself people who are patient and tender and give yourself grace. God knew who I needed and when I needed them.” – youcancallmemaggie / Reddit

The first step to letting go of toxic relationships, even if they’re your parents is by surrounding yourself with relationships that uplift you. Not only does that balance you out, but it re-educates your view of a healthy relationship and gives you hope.