The Healing Power Of Cat Purrs Explained

Each year across the United States, there are millions of cats that enter animal shelters only to not find homes in time. It's a sad truth about our world. There are hundreds of millions of cats worldwide, 80 million in America alone. Recent studies have begun to reveal that cats have a unique healing ability.

Cat domestication dates back to around 9000 BC, having come from years of breeding African wild cats for the domestic life. Egyptians saw them as godly creatures and Neolithic graves found on Cyprus found the skeleton of a man next to a cat.

Cats are, of course, useful to humans as killers of vermin that threatened our food supply. They were also good at killing Cobras, which were venomous to us. Today, cats are the most popular domesticated animal in the world. They're independent, simple to care for, and yet they're affectionate and fun to be around.

The cat's relationship with humans is well known, and now, new data has been found that the frequency of vibration of a cat's purr has healing properties for the human body. It reduces stress, helps breathing problems, and prevents heart attack.

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