5 Ways Your Body Is Warning You About Your Health

1. Skin problems.

Your skin is the largest and fastest growing organ on your body and one of the first signs that there could be underlying health issues. Wrinkles, for example, are a sign of aging. But if they come on unusually early, they can also be a sign of osteoporosis. Red patches on the skin indicate psoriasis, which is an imbalance of immune cells.

2. Eye problems.

Your eye health can tell you numerous things. Bags under the eyes means you have fluid retention from too much salt. They can also denote food allergies. Yellowing of the eyes is a sign of liver disease.

3. Lip problems.

Lips should be luscious and soft. Dry, cracked lips can point to dehydration and an immune system disorder called Sjögren's syndrome.

4. Fingernail problems.

Your fingernails can tell you a lot about your health. Pitted nails is an indication of connective tissue disorders like Reiter's syndrome. Spooned nails can signal health conditions like heart disease, hypothyroidism, and anemia. Nails that are white except for pinkish tips can indicate diabetes, kidney and heart failure, as well as liver disease.

5. Dental problems.

Picture healthy teeth. Pink gums, pearly white and straight teeth, right? Teeth that seem stunted or uneven may be caused by grinding your teeth in your sleep. This happens often if you're stressed. People with osteoporosis may experience tooth loss.

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