6 Things Every Healthy Couple Does

1. They always sleep together.

It doesn't matter if you're fighting or sick or whatever. Strong couples always end their days together. They know going to bed with unresolved issues is okay. Issues can be resolved later. Kiss each other goodnight.

2. They send little messages throughout the day.

They leave a favorite candy on their lover's desk or send a quick text. Just to say I love you randomly. We can get swept up in day to day business, but don't forget to leave that post it note with a heart on it on the coffee pot.

3. They constantly touch.

They don't just sit on the couch together. They cuddle. They don't just walk. They hold hands. They don't just sleep. They spoon. They're constantly in touch with one another.

4. They know being happy is more important than being right.

If a petty argument can't be stopped, they just let it go. They leave it in the ether and move on with their happy lives together. They know that being happy is way more important than being right.

5. They don't play games.

When couples play games, no one wins, and they know that.

6. They don't try to change each other.

If one is bent on changing themselves, their partner should step up and support them! But you can't change your partner if they don't want to. Frankly you shouldn't anyway. You might miss the person they were.

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