7 Traits Of Highly Spiritual People

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1. You love others without expecting it back.

A long-exposure photo of a woman drawing a heart with a light source while seated on the beach.
Unsplash / Rhand McCoy
Unsplash / Rhand McCoy

You know you’re not always going to get love back from people, but that doesn’t slow you down. In a dark world, you realize you have to be a beacon of light.

So you offer the world all the love you have without expecting anything in return.

2. You see yourself as a part of the web.

Many people look at the web of life and think they’re the spider that build it. But it’s like John Muir said, you can’t tug at one strand of the web without finding it connected to everything else.

You fully understand that you are a part of the web.

3. You live life with humility.

A highly spiritual person is able to realize that they didn’t get where they are exclusively on their own. They made it with the help of pretty much everyone else. They live life filled with humility.

4. You’re okay not knowing the answer.

Religion gives us the answers, no matter how ridiculous those answers are. It’s an answer to a populace desperate for some insight into how the world works.

Spiritual people, however, enjoy learning and exploring new ideas and finding new ways to get the answers. And if they can’t find an answer, that’s fine.

5. You forgive and forget.

You don’t let yourself stay angry or hold a grudge. When people wrong you, you forgive it and forget it quickly.

6. Your heart is at peace.

No matter what horrid things are happening in the world, you’ve found peace in yourself. Your heart doesn’t feel fear or anger or any other deeply negative emotion.

7. You have no attachments to material things.

Spirituality isn’t about how many crystals you have or what incense you make your house smell like. It’s not about material things. It’s about what you have inside of you.

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