5 Things You Need To Remember When Your Heart Is Breaking

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You were loved and you will be again.

The low feeling when you’re heartbroken is only possible because of the high feeling of being loved. Being loved is amazing! But sometimes it ends. Don’t worry. You aren’t unlovable. You will be loved again.

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Don’t obsess.

Try not to obsess. Try not to let it overtake every thought and action you have. Learn how to live alone again. Learn how to enjoy life again. You can get through this. Don’t obsess about it.

Absolutely do not stalk them.

Don’t go driving by their house at midnight. Don’t stalk their Facebook. Don’t see who they’ve added as a friend. Don’t bother their family. Don’t try to find them on dating apps. Leave them alone. There’s no need to stalk them. It’ll only hurt you in the end.

This is a good time for growth.

Heartbreak is tough but the tough things toughen you up. This is a great time for personal growth. Consider old hobbies that you may have forgotten or pick up some new ones.

You can’t change anyone.

As much as we’d like to believe we can, we can’t ever truly change anyone. All we can do is change ourselves and help others be the people they want to be.

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