4 Things Your Heart Is Dying To Tell You

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Your heart is an amazing organ, spiritually and physically. In the spiritual sense, it breathes passion that drives us and sadness that strengthens us. Our minds and hearts are often at odds with one another. They are like apples and oranges, incomparable but both are vital.

Our heart will exercise its right and ability to feel and generate every feeling it can. Understanding this, we can not get mad at our hearts for expressing emotions that we view as unwanted or unnecessary.

It doesn’t heed the motives of the mind, so we can’t use mental processes to understand or justify it. It is the channel to higher powers and each other. By listening to our hearts we can experience things that would be otherwise out of our range. Below are four ways to ensure you are giving your heart the free reign to do what it does best.

Release Expectations And Examine The Truth

Often much of the disconnect that occurs is because we expected to feel one way about an event or situation, only to find that we truly felt a completely different way. We then try to enforce the expected emotion, instead of understanding our true feelings.

Don’t allow other people tell you how you are supposed to feel. Past examples of your current situation is no guaranteed precedent for how you can feel. Every moment is a new possibility and has untold potential. Don’t limit the range of what you can feel with something as small as your imagination. Your heart is capable of amazing things, but only if you let it be free enough to produce those emotions.