5 Signs You’re Really In Love

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Being in love is one of the best feelings there is. Your heart skips a beat when they walk in the room or even when you hear their name.

You get butterflies in your stomach just thinking about them.

And, you simply cannot….stop….thinking about them! This feeling is overwhelming in the best possible way. But, is it true love?

Read on for 5 signs that you are really in love.

1. The thought of being with them forever doesn’t totally freak you out

A closeup of a man kissing a woman's forehead as they embrace.
Unsplash / mari lezhava
Unsplash / mari lezhava

If the thought of spending every day of the rest of your life with someone doesn’t make you want to run away, you’re in love.

You want to share every experience, want to create a home with them, want to raise a family together.

You think that growing old with this person will be the best thing ever, and it probably will be!