The Moment 4-Year-Old Told His Grieving Mother “I’ll Just Go To Heaven & Play Until You Get There” Before Leaving Her

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It is a mother’s greatest fear to have to watch the very same child she gave life to have their life be taken away by illness, and not be able to do anything about it. Statistics from the American Cancer Society (ACS) suggest men have a 40.14 percent chance of getting the disease, while women’s odds are 38.7 percent. Despite the odds being so high, no one is ever fully prepared to hear the words and know that their days are numbered, especially not a child.

Yet for Nolan Scully, not only was he able to handle the news of his sickness with bravery, but he also wanted to make sure to make his parents feel comforted too. What he did for his mother before passing was equally heartwarming as it was heartbreaking.

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close up of nolan's face before getting sick

NolanStrong / Facebook

NolanStrong / Facebook

Humankind has made a lot of progress in science and medicine and has found ways to prevent and treat the death of many innocent victims that illnesses once claimed. Yet sadly, despite the better odds we have grown to develop, Cancer is still one of the hardest diseases to fight and despite the treatments we have available, some people still have their bodies give up on them and lose their battles to it.

Nolan was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer that affects soft tissue, when he was only three years. He had barely lived long enough to experience the joy of playing outside and being a child and he already didn’t have enough energy to be himself through the chemotherapy.