5 Little Things You Can Do To Make A Huge Difference In Your Relationship

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1. Make life easy

You aren’t a servant to your partner, but do what you can to make their life together easier.

Program the coffeepot to turn on 15 minutes before you wake up. Offer to help them when they begin a household chore. Run interference for them.

man cooking at stove while woman chops vegetables at home
Pexels / Amina Filkins
Pexels / Amina Filkins

2. Give your partner a break

Our lives can get pretty hard, especially balancing home life and work life. Surprise them with a little break. Rent a cabin for the weekend or have the car packed and ready for a beach trip.

Give them a break from their lives.

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3. Be grateful

It doesn’t matter how small the gesture is, show gratitude for everything. Thank them for making you tea or doing something you asked them to. Don’t just express gratitude though, truly feel it. Be grateful.

4. Give them a long embrace

Studies have shown how remarkably healthy it is to give your partner long embraces. It reduces stress and makes you a happier person. Spend some time in their arms every day.

5. Leave reminders for them to find

Leave them a little something they love and a note for them to find. An “I love you” on the bathroom window or a favorite candy on their desk. Little reminders that you love them goes a long way.

In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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