Her Cheating Husband Gave Her 3 Days To Get Out. Her Response Is Brilliant.

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In the story below, one woman gets unbelievable revenge. We obviously weren’t able to verify whether or not the story is actually happened, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Jake left his wife, Edith, after 37 years of marriage. Jake’s new girlfriend, his young secretary, demanded that they continue to possess Jake and Edith’s multi-million dollar home. Jake agreed and because he had better lawyers, he won out against his now ex-wife. She was left with 3 days to vacate.

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And so Edith, being uprooted from her home after nearly 40 years, set to work packing her things into boxes and crates. On day two, she had moves come in and collect her things. On the third day, she sat down and their dining room table and ate a pound of shrimp and drank a bottle of Chardonnay.

Then she had a brilliant idea.

She walked about the house and stuffed the half eaten shrimp in the curtain rods over every window. She then cleaned up her kitchen and left.

Then Jake and his new girlfriend occupied the house, enjoying their time together. Slowly, though, the house started to stink. They mopped, they aired out the house, they fumigated for rodents and even replaced all the carpets. They hung air fresheners and cleaned and recleaned everything. Nothing worked.

At last, they moved, unable to handle the stink anymore.

After months on the market, no one would buy it due to the smell. They cut the price and cut it again. Even their realtor dropped them as a client. So Jake and his girlfriend had to take out a massive loan to buy a new home.

Edith called Jake just to see how things were going. Jake told her all about the stink in the house. She said she missed the home and would call it all even if Jake just gave her the house. No more settlement. And so he agreed. Jake and new girlfriend packed everything up and watched it trucked away from their nasty old home.

Even the curtain rods.
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