Here’s How You Can Access Past Life Memories

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In the last hundred years, the idea of reincarnation and past lives has become more popular. The idea is that we don’t live this one life but get to live numerous lives. Some believe there is an end goal, that your soul has to learn something before rebirth ends. Others believe that you simply undergo rebirth because that’s the way it goes.

What’s unfortunate is that we don’t get to remember much of our previous lives. Sometimes in dreams or during meditation, we can get pieces of it. But for the most part, it’s a totally separate consciousness. So how do we access these past life memories?

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At some level, we have access to this information. One way to get to it is through meditating on a very specific question. Ask what you want to know, but realize you’re asking yourself. It’s not being revealed by some omnipresent being. Allow the answers to come in different forms, be them words, thoughts, or pictures.

Pay attention to how your body feels through this meditation. You may feel icky feelings for bad memories, elated during good ones.

Something else to consider is asking someone about it. Some people are in tune to this kind of thing without even really realizing it.

Lastly, you can try to tap into it through the source energy. If you can, imagine this source ball as an energy from which all consciousness stems and, after we die, all consciousness returns. Meditate upon that source energy and try to tap into the collective consciousness of humanity to find who you were.

Your experience may differ from that of others’, but keep an open mind, and don’t stop searching until your questions are answered.

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