Here’s How Your 7 Chakras Influence Different Relationships

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According to Vedas, there are 7 types of chakras. Consequently, they believe there are 7 kinds of relationships we can experience in our lives. How do they relate?

1. The root chakra.

Your root chakra connects you to your primal instincts. Some call it the survival chakra, other the sex chakra. Relatonships lead by the root chakra likely start in night clubs or bars and don’t often, but sometimes end in a relationship.

2. The sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is the spiritual energy center of the body. It’s connected to happiness and confidence. The sacral chakra couple wants to have a comfy life in a cozy home with things they enjoy.

3. The solar plexus chakra.

The solar plexus chakra is the point of energy concerned with ambitions and goals. It loves worldly things and beautiful places. The solar plexus couple is the power couple. They want prestige, fame, and respect from society. You’re likely to meet a partner like this at a political event or a big social gathering.

4. The heart chakra.

They say that heart chakra relationships are the most favorable because the parties involved want to develop themselves and work on their character. They want happiness for the world around them and believe in charity. They follow moral principles, which binds them together like a glue.

5. The throat chakra.

This is the rarest couple to find. They tend to be talented and feel the world with their senses. They’re intuitive and live in harmony with the planet. They tend to be poetic. They birth very talented children that can go on to change the world.

6. The third eye chakra.

The third eye couple is one that practices self perfection as a couple. They have a deep spiritual harmony with one another. They experience the truths of the universe fully. This relationship is also rare. These couples are ones you’re likely drawn to as a platonic friend. It’s a very special type of love.

7. The crown chakra.

The crown chakra couple have achieved the highest level of love. They almost completely abstain from sex. They think of each other as gurus. They give each other complete trust and loyalty. They are the saints of this world.

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