Only 2% Of People Can Find The 6 Horses Hiding In The Painting. Are You One Of Them?

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Ever spend a couple of hours staring at the sky, trying to find shapes in the clouds or stories in the stars? If you have this will be a fun throwback, if not hopefully this will entice you to experiment with your vision.

My mates and I used to play a game similar to this, trying to find images in the chalk board or speckled floor tiles. Below there is a picture of a flower bathed cave by the sea. If you look a little closer you will find more than that though.

There is six confirmed images of horses hidden throughout the entire painting.

This is taken from the cover of Marianne faithfull’s album ‘High Heels And Horses’. While some people will see five or sixes hidden images, there is an unconfirmed eight total throughout the painting. Can you find them all? Do you think there is really eight?

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