5 Little Known Secrets To Higher Consciousness

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Imagine a version of you where your emotional reactions were less reckless and more reasoned.

Picture dramatically increasing traits like focus, presence, and creativity.

We all know people who seem to have an elevated frame of mind- call it a “higher consciousness”- where they are somehow less triggered by life’s struggles than the rest of us.

What are the secrets to their mindset?

You may think you know them already- good sleep, meditation, yoga, diet, exercise, etc.- and those are all important, but…

There are practices people swear by that rarely get mentioned when discussing tips to higher consciousness.

Here’s 5 tips you might not know much about that can have stunning effects on your happiness, focus, clarity, and emotional self-control:

1. Binaural Beats

If you’re unfamiliar with binaural beats, clear your preconceptions: this isn’t some trendy music genre, and they’re not “beats” in the way you’re probably thinking.

In 1839, physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that when signals of two different frequencies are presented separately (such as one to each ear by headphone) the brain compensates for the difference by creating a 3rd “binaural” beat at 4.5 beats per second.

Research shows to be the beat frequency common in a multitude of ancient tribal music rituals, and induces a low Theta brainwave state, which in turn causes extremely therapeutic benefits.

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