6 Things Only The Highly Creative Will Understand

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Highly creative types often struggle to live in a world that has been designed so linearly. Many of them exist in communities and groups that rest outside what you would traditionally think of; places where their artistic genius and talent can exist freely.

In fact, research recently revealed that the highly creative types have different brain structure than the average person, contributing to their unique capacity for thought.

Many of them live in their own worlds; the worlds they’ve built in their minds. These worlds make much more sense to them, anyway.

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Here are six things that only the highly creative will really understand:

A million ideas are always flowing through their mind

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Creatives are chock-full of new and refreshing ideas, they just struggle on deciding which ones to really pursue. Oftentimes, they see opportunity and possibility where others only see a dead-end. They use their imagination to fuel their work and passion.

They see obstacles as opportunities

Creatives have no interest in the mundane. So much so, that they’ll often seek out barriers or boundaries to break through. Obstacles don’t really exist for creatives. Instead, they see them as opportunities for growth and success.

They’re very concerned with being true to themselves

They’re not about to compromise who they are for the sake of others. Material objects are the last thing they’re worried about; passion and the drive to create is what fuels them.

They’re only ever going to do the things that feel right for them, regardless of what others say or feel.

They can’t work a strict schedule

Working a creative job in a non-creative, routine way is almost impossible. Because creativity isn’t something that one can always manifest at will. If they’re not feeling it, it’s not happening.

They don’t do well in 9 to 5 jobs, or under bosses that insist on riding their ass. They’re better off being their own boss.

They enjoy solitude, a lot

Creative types are highly sensitive, meaning they get easily overwhelmed at times. They enjoy long periods of time alone in order to rejuvenate themselves.

Quiet time is perfect for reflecting on the endless amount of thoughts streaming through their heads. Much of their inspiration is garnered during time alone.

Their emotions are very fluid

Because creative types regulate much of their life through emotion, rather than logic, they are prone to mood swings. It’s not uncommon for them to go from happy and carefree one moment, to bitter and sorrowful the next.

They let their emotions out freely, never holding them inside. Oftentimes their work is an outlet for their expression.

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