Highly Sensitive People Are Actually Angels With Broken Wings

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Highly sensitive people are by far the most honest and genuine human beings you will ever encounter. If they trust you, there is nothing they won’t reveal about themselves.

However, if you decide to betray this great trust they have gifted you with, reject them, or devalue their opinions, they will immediately walk away from the relationship.

They Silently Live In Pain

Franzi draws / Adobe Stock

A highly sensitive person is constantly living with pain and unresolved guilt over misunderstandings and miscommunications.

This type of person needs a unique form of love because their tortured soul has been constantly wounded by others. Despite the tragedies they have endured, they remain extremely compassionate people.

HSP’s are angels with broken wings and they can only take flight when properly loved and cared for. If you yourself are highly sensitive, then those words probably resonate very closely with you.

Staying silent and bottling up all of your feelings and emotions is like a slow growing diseases for your soul. There is nothing healthy about pushing away your emotions.