9 Ways To Care For A Highly Sensitive Person

People are varied and beautiful in their differences. Some of these differences can make it difficult to show someone affection and love. Highly sensitive people fit well in this category.

Normally short of self assurance and in need of love, a person must walk on eggshells to reach them. Here are some shortcuts to help you show this person that you value them.

Speak Softly

Don't yell or sneak up on them. They are easily startled and stimuli affect them more so than others.Their version of what is a good time frequently differ from the norm.

Don't Pressure Them

They may not want to go out or chill with you or others. They may not really ever drink. Respect their decisions even more so.

Give Them Space

It isn't as much that they don't want to be with you as much as they want to be alone.

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