If You Love A Highly Sensitive Person, Here Are 6 Things You Need To Know

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People who claim to be extremely sensitive are not joking about this trait to their personalities because of how they are able to respond to certain external stimuli that a non extremely sensitive people cannot do themselves.

These sensitive kinds of people can also be described as empaths since they are able to pick up on emotions a little bit better than the rest of the population that do not claim to be empathetic.

If you already know a certain someone who fits this description, then you should keep these seven tips in mind how you can be in a relationship with one of them.

It’s important to keep in mind that extremely sensitive people listen very carefully to what you tell them so do your best to communicate with them as to how you are feeling, what you’re experiencing, and what you plan to do.

1. Be Adventurous With Empaths

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Empaths have a very distinct connection to the nature around them and they absolutely love being taken on surprise trips somewhere they have either been before or never been before.

Just by surprising them with an abrupt trip can make their entire world at that moment in time. Just sitting around doing nothing is boring if you do it for too long, so plan something amazing for the both of you to do together.

They will follow with a smile as well as a lot ideas of their own.

2. Shower Them With Affection

Empathetic people adore affection and if you are able to endlessly pour it upon them, then they will love you for an entire lifetime.

Love goes a very long way with an empathetic person, they are able to feel what you are experiencing and dish it right back ten fold. Give them massages, surprise gifts, or anything that you would consider meaningful to them.

They will look deeply into your nice gestures the more affection you are willing to give.

3. Keep Their Minds Occupied

Empaths are constantly thinking about everything that is happening to them all at once.

They can seem very anxious at times so it’s good for you find a way to keep their minds occupied so they do not overthink themselves to death.

It’s good to bring up random subjects to talk about, because once you do, they will tell you literally everything that they think as well as what they feel about that one specific subject.

Help them stay focused by letting them talk about the things they love talking about most, they will love you forever if you do!

4. Extremely Passionate/Apathetic

Empaths have no trouble boasting about all of the things that they would love to see done in the world, however, you bring up a subject that is completely lost on them such as shopping or sports, then you will soon realize how little they have to say about those things in particular.

It’s important to recognize that empathetic people are extremely sensitive to the good things they want to see in the world as well as the things they consider to be bad that are already in the world.

They will express what is more important to them to you and make sure that you know where they stand in their beliefs about everything else.

5. Alone Time Is More Than Necessary

You must also be willing to give an empath a lot of alone time as to allow for them to process literally everything that is going on in their world.

It is extremely exhausting to be experiencing the world on such a critical level of thinking that makes them run out of energy pretty quickly.

Let them recharge by getting some much needed me time and realize that this is not a personal avoidance toward anyone at all. More importantly, they just do not want to hurt you with any kind of absent feelings or thoughts.

6. Be Extremely Honest With Them

An empathetic person prefers that everyone in their life to be 100% honest with them about everything. They prefer that you express all of your emotions, all of your thoughts, and the way that you feel.

These are very important to them just as they would hope that their feelings, thoughts, and emotions would be important to you. They care very deeply for the words their loved ones have to say to them as well as just being honest about everything in general.

Hopefully this has helped you with being in a relationship or considering being in a relationship with someone who is extremely sensitive.

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