This Is How You Can Build A Hobbit House In Your Backyard

While Ashley Yeates isn't a hobbit, the English design and construction expert has made a traditional hobbit home. Tolkien would most definitely approve of this real world mock up.

It took him a year to build the house from scratch. Lucky for us he took photos to document the construction, available here. Yeates was dedicated to recreating the well described fantasy as close to the 'real' thing as possible.

"I noticed the real hobbit holes go inwards into a hill rather than downwards. If I did get a commission for another one, it would be spectacular. There could be multiple rooms, all kinds of things. I'd very much like to make another one. "

Water damage was the most pressing danger to this wondrous building. The finished project could fit three grown adults comfortably. He shows how he took multiple preventative measures against water damage. Below are a few of the photographs showing his progress from the groundbreaking to the completed structure.



He wanted there to be no fear of collapse. With this load bearing ceiling, you can mow the grass that will eventually grow on the 'roof'.





Hobbit holes are famous for being cozy, hospital places. The interior needed to relay that feeling.






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