Bring Back Home Economics Class Because Our Kids Lack Basic Life Skills

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Some of you have surely studied Home Economics or Family and Consumer Sciences back at school, classes that taught us the basic skills needed for our daily life.

On the courses, girls learned to sew, cook, manage the budget and finances, while young boys learned to build things, use tools, fix things, etc.

The Home Economics course had several good aims, including to teach young girls to become good wives and housekeepers, to teach them to clean, cook, sew, and to provide them with life skills.

On the other hand, shop class was based on the premises that boys should grow up and become strong men, able to build and fix things, use drills, hacksaws, work with metal and wood.

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However, the entire concept of a traditional family has shifted over time, and it has brought both, positive and negative changes.

Now, the current school education school programs lack such lessons. Some believe that those courses are not suitable for the cutting edge educational modules, and schools focus on things like normal center and capability- based learning with constrained subsidizing.

On the other hand, there are also parents who are worried that their children lack the basic skills to survive in the world as an adult.

There is no doubt that English, history, and arithmetic are vital, but Home financial matters served to teach students about the needed skills for cooking, health and helped construct solid associations with accounts.